About Us

Susie Cochin de Billy, Founder.

Navigating the best pathway for getting your child into a US college can be a daunting and time consuming challenge.

We at Arcus Advisory have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through every step of this journey, preparing your child for success in the American higher education system.

Our approach is based on establishing a strategic plan that responds to the needs of each student, preferably starting at the GCSE stage (or equivalent).


A focused 4-stage cycle:

  1. Consultation Meeting with parents and students we develop an academic and extra curricular profile, identifying areas of strength, while exploring aspirations, goals and unique circumstances that set your child apart.
  2. Develop strategic programme for success A 2-year plan incorporating a broad spectrum of activities both in and out of school, including academic choices, cultural, athletic and volunteer accomplishments and work experience.
  3. School Selection & Application Schedule After carefully determining together the right school choices for your child, we establish a precise timeline for producing distinctive personal essays and completing applications in a timely fashion. We organise an appropriate college tour, working in liaison with a student’s existing school support.
  4. Tutoring Advisory Support We provide ongoing advice on the best specialist tutoring options, to help each student achieve their academic ambitions.


We understand how this process impacts your child’s personal and academic development, and the important role university plays in their future, so we take our responsibilities very seriously.

Arcus Advisory strives to combine expertise and experience with friendly and reassuring support, to ensure that your child enters the US higher education system with confidence.


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